The Journey To Our Core - A Beginning

Written by Jeff Thuringer

The Starters’ team has had a few humorous lead-ups to our “Beyond the Bench Blog.” Hopefully we will be able to use the blog to inform and entertain. But before we get into the content of instruction or humor we wanted to tell you a bit about ourselves, and how seriously we take training you or your child(ren).

Few people know that in June 2017 the staff met in an all-day strategic planning session. Starters had been open a year-and-a-half and we had made a great deal of progress. We had a good sense of what we wanted to do, but had not clearly defined who we were as an organization or what our broader purpose would be.

What we wanted to do is coach, train and instruct athletes to become better in the sports of baseball, softball and football. However, we wanted to define a broader mission and define our organizational values, to serve as guiding principles on how we work and interact with each other, our clients and whomever else we might encounter.

As a group, we wanted our mission to be broader than just sport. We wanted to ensure that our athletes applied the lessons learned on the field and in the weight room to situations they might encounter in life today or in the future. The Starters’ team also recognizes that we have a relationship with our clients and their families and that relationship has to be respected and developed. With that and much more in mind, we defined our purpose, our mission as:

To be the most trusted and superior resource for training, coaching, and educating athletes on and off the field. We mentor our athletes so they reach their full potential in sport and in life.

Ambitious! We are taking on a lot! But this is what drives and motivates the Starters’ team. To be the “most trusted,” we need to earn and keep your trust. We do this by doing what we say we will do, by being open and transparent about our business, by being honest about progress and potential and by giving our daily best when training. Now we ain’t perfect and mistakes will happen. (Hopefully we avoid making “too many wrong mistakes.”) We promise to work through our mistakes. We will acknowledge mistakes, work to correct them and change, where necessary, so they don’t happen in the future. We become the “superior resource” by continuing to evolve our knowledge and by working to get better everyday as instructors and coaches. We recognize that being an expert in the field takes constant learning and we are committed to doing that for us and for you. As part of this commitment, our organization has intentionally determined to have a large portion of its staff consist of full-time employees. Employees that are passionate about our core sports and that can devote time to thinking and learning about the game and learning how to better coach and instruct.

The last sentence in our mission statement encapsulates our view of success. We wanted to make sure that we define success not as getting a scholarship, making a high school baseball team or a AAA traveling team. To us, success is much more than an outcome. We wanted to define success as striving, at any one point of time, to achieve one’s potential, which might be as simple as making a traveling team. We want to challenge ourselves ,and the athletes we train, to work to achieve their potential everyday.

To guide our day-to-day actions and interactions we adopted the following core values:

  1. Trust
  2. Grit
  3. Selflessness
  4. Leadership

These are the values that we hold each other to and that you can expect from us. These are the values that we hope to encourage and develop in the athletes that we train. Over the next few blogs we will explore the four values and what it means to us in more detail.