The Journey, Part I: Trust

Written by Jeff Thuringer


Last week we started the Beyond the Bench blog with an examination of the Starters’ mission statement, which, for a quick reminder, is below:

To be the most trusted and superior resource for training, coaching, and educating athletes on and off the field. We mentor our athletes so they reach their full potential in sport and in life.

Trust is prominent in our mission statement, so it should be no surprise that “trust” is one of our core values. As a reminder, the Starters’ core values are trust, grit, selflessness, and leadership. Now “trust” could seem a bit odd as a value for a service organization since trust is the reliance on the character, ability or truth of someone or something. So if we are providing the service, aren’t people relying more on us than we are on them? Hold that question, as we will come back to it in a moment.

For us, trust comes from the recognition that, with very few exceptions, all of us will enter into personal relationships throughout life. We rely on others — family, friends, mentors, teachers, coaches, teammates, and/or co-workers to help us achieve our potential. (It also helps greatly to trust in something greater than “us”… a.k.a. God – happy to talk about that with anyone that wants.) Rarely does someone achieve his or her potential without some help along the way. To do our best, and achieve our most, we often have to rely on others to help us get there. Part of this reliance might be coaching or instruction, and part might be helping us push beyond what we thought we could do. In these instances, we have to trust the development process whether at school, work, or in competitive sport. This is especially true when we are outside our comfort zone.

Now it's time to circle back to our mission statement and to the question that was suggested earlier. For Starters to be the "most trusted", we need to be the most relied on for our ability and character. We, at Starters, have to be masters of our craft and do what we say we are going to do. We have to approach each day with the attitude that we earn and keep your trust through our actions. It begins by treating everyone with positive intent and respect. It ends by following through on our commitments. The value of “Trust” is a reminder of how we achieve our success with the help of others, and how we act and relate to one another with positive intent and respect.

It is this understanding of the value of trust that we want to instill in our athletes. Trusting processes when we are being pushed. Trusting teammates when we are facing challenges. Trust that begins with respect and ends with following through on responsibilities and commitments.

I trust. I am a Starter.