Starters Sports Training Facility

Starters Sports Training is a 30,000 square foot state-of-the-art training facility with 19 fully turfed tunnels that are approximately 72' long by 13' wide allowing for multi-sports use.  Starters has a 2,000 square foot weight room and performance area allowing for athletes to train year round with trainers specific to their given sport(s).  Starters will be featuring cutting-edge technology that will give your athletes a competitive advantage and a boost in performance.  Starters is located conveniently in Scott County off Highway 169 and Marshall Road adjacent to many restaurants, grocery stores, coffee shops, and other shopping options. 


Training Technologies


HitTrax technology delivers innovation to the baseball industry by measuring real-time data and displaying live results for immediate feedback.  HitTrax is a powerful combination of video capture, analytics and entertainment that has never before been available to indoor facilities.  HitTrax allows you to analysis key performance metrics such as exit velocity, distance, pitch speed, late break of pitch, strike zone analysis, spray charts and more.  These measurements are designed to help identify tendencies while highlighting a players strengths and weaknesses.  The immediate feedback empowers hitters and pitchers, leading to more productive training sessions and quality results.  With HitTrax, players are able to hit beyond the cage.


The Zepp Baseball and Softball analysis system measures the most important aspects of the swing.  Zepp offers incredible 3D and video analysis features that give players instant feedback including bat speed, hand speed, time to impact, attack angle, and vertical angle.  The Zepp analysis system allows players to set target goals and shows players how to achieve them.  With Zepp, batting practice becomes a source of game-changing insight and improvements.  The Zepp system allows players to build a short and efficient swing, hit more line drives, add bat speed and power, develop quick hands, and stay long in the zone.  Practice with a purpose.  Track, Analyze, Improve, and Repeat.

Right View Pro

Combined with HitTrax technology, Right View Pro allows our coaches another visual aid in improving athletes' hitting mechanics. Not only is Right View Pro used by Major League Baseball and its players, it offers an extensive library of comprehensive video analysis featuring MLB players to compare your swing against.  This combination of swing analysis