3 Day Lacrosse Summer Camp

Intensive Skill Clinic is designed to give players confidence by improving their technique and providing lots of repetition.

Focus is on mechanics, technique and getting a ton of repetitions to improve your lacrosse game.  This will be skill development and training only.

Ground balls:  Work on proper technique and improve stance, speed, stick protection and pick-up rate.

Passing and Feeding: Stationary and running in multiple formats to work on accuracy, speed & timing.  Develop faster release timing.

Catching and Cutting: Develop proper mechanics, touch and “soft hands” from stationary, running and shuffles.  Improve timing, eye-hand coordination and tempo while cutting.

Shooting and Deception: Tons of repetitions shooting on the run, step down, time and room, quick stick, deception, fakes.  Improve your accuracy, release time, and shot speed.

Your skill level and overall team play will dramatically improve over the course of the camp.

  • Gain self-confidence through Lacrosse success
  • Personal Instruction from our experienced staff
  • Have fun!

Unlimited Membership


July 19th-21st with Sean Pollock

U9-U11 @ 9am-12pm

U13-U15 @1pm - 4pm

offer only valid for those signed up for the Lacrosse Camp
*Unlimited Lacrosse Membership has a minimum 4 month commitment
*Unlimited Lacrosse Members will have unlimited access to our open turf times during the week and on weekends.