Nate Trelstad

Assistant Director of PErformance


Nate Trelstad has been passionate about sports his entire life, playing just about every team sport he could while growing up. Discovering he had an ability as a pitcher in high school, Nate went on to play college baseball at Minnesota State University Mankato. However, an injury plagued his career causing him to spend more time on the bench and in the training room than on the mound. While this impeded his professional baseball aspirations, the amount of time spent in the training room and weight room (to come back from his setbacks) gave him a new passion, a passion for the training process.

Nate graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science and a minor in Sports Medicine. After graduation, Nate headed east to Massachusetts to intern at Cressey Sports Performance, a facility co-owned by leading minds in the field of sports training, particularly when dealing with overhead athletes. He was able to learn from nationally recognized strength and conditioning coaches, and work with a wide range of athletes - all the way from the youth level to the professional level. After this experience, Nate has come back to his home state of Minnesota! With his return, he has a mission to help athletes improve in their sport and optimize their potential.