Tori Finucane Accepts Position as University of Maryland Pitching Coach

Tori Finucane, Assistant Director of Softball and Pitching Coach for Starters Softball

Tori Finucane, Assistant Director of Softball and Pitching Coach for Starters Softball

Starters is proud to announce that Tori Finucane, our Assistant Director of Softball and Pitching Coach, has officially accepted the position as the Pitching Coach for the University of Maryland Softball Program. While we are sad to lose a strong asset in Tori, we are pleased that this is consistent with and an acknowledgment of the goals of the organization to develop the highest caliber coaches that are capable of coaching at any and every level of the game.

Starters has always prided itself on the high level of instruction and coaching we recruit for our clients. This focus on quality and leadership has been reinforced in recent months with the honor of having not one, but two, instructors selected to fill coaching positions at notable Division I programs. In addition to Tori accepting the Pitching Coach position for the University of Maryland, Starters also said farewell to long-time instructor Bryan Johns who will be returning to his alma mater of Vanderbilt University to fill a coaching role for their baseball program.

We are excited at the opportunity that Tori has been offered, and we all wish her the very best of luck as she takes the next step in her life as well as her coaching career with the University of Maryland. We look forward to following her progress to see how far this much deserved opportunity will take her. Additionally, we are truly honored that our organization has been recognized by another Division I program as a producer of some of the best instruction and coaching in the industry. As many of our families know, one of Starters’ core values is Leadership.

Leadership, to us, is more than just a strong ability and aptitude to ‘lead’ and ‘guide’ our athletes and teams. Leadership, to the employees of Starters, is a focused effort on constantly growing and evolving with the theories, advancements, changes, and teaching methods of the games of baseball and softball in order to truly usher our athletes towards a brighter future and aid them in realizing their goals and dreams.

“Having Tori take the next step in her coaching career as the pitching coach for the University of Maryland is a true testament to, not only the work that she has put in to make herself a spectacular coach, but it is also a testament to the hard work and dedication that all of our instructors put in to be leaders in the industry as well as the best instructors and coaches for all of our athletes,” -said Ryan Schwertman, Starters’ GM.

Statement from Tori:

“No words can truly do justice to my time here. Starters has left a lasting mark on me, and it is undoubtedly because of the people. I have had the honor to work with some of the best trainers in the business, in softball, baseball, and performance collectively. Their knowledge, love of the game, and love of teaching is infectious and is clearly evident to everyone they come across. The most rewarding part of this job has been working with some of the most amazing young women I’ve ever had the pleasure to coach. Watching their growth as athletes and people has never made my position feel like a job, but rather a true honor and blessing. Starters has played a huge part in fueling my love for coaching, and I feel they have prepared me to take this next step into collegiate coaching. From the bottom of my heart, thank you to the entire starters staff, players, and families.”

To read the official press release from the University of Maryland Softball Program, click here.