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High School Strength Development

Starters varsity program is centered around giving the athlete power to be displayed on the field. Mechanics will be continued to be fine turned, but the true growth of the athlete will come through changing the 4 Strength Qualities of their muscles, Rate of Force Development, Eccentric Strength, Eccentric Ability, and Reactive Strength.

As the athlete develops these qualities throughout the program the application of them to their specific on-field movements will be incorporated. Each program will be design specifically for the athlete based off of their strengths and weakness.

We encourage all new athletes to complete an assessment with our staff prior to joining. Each assessment provides a baseline for each athlete allowing our staff to create a custom program to fit each individual athletes needs.

Dates: Year Round
Days: Monday - Saturday
Location: Starters Sports Training, Burnsville
Ratio: 12:1
1x per week - $75
2x per week - $125 per month
3x per week - $175 per month
Unlimited - $200 per month

Contact Starters at for unlimited membership

2024 In-Season Training Program

In-season training plays a major role in an efficient year-round Rotation, Acceleration, Movement, Strength, and Speed (RAMSS) Training Program. One of the major beliefs is that you can still improve performance throughout the season, not just maintain it. It takes more analysis on the coach’s part in order to prescribe the correct training volume, intensity, and methods. Monitoring fatigue levels, analyzing movement patterns/positions, and incorporating recovery methods are a few things we look at in our in-season program design.

A lot of time has been put forth over the last 5 months working on and developing certain areas of your game. During the High School Season athletes are exposed to different stresses (coaches, styles, greater time commitment, etc.). These “new” stresses make the body adapt in different ways. Often this means the body and movements getting out of sync compromising performance and setting up a chance for overuse injuries.

The 10 week RAMMS program is designed to improve performance throughout the season through weekly analysis and individualized custom programming.

Dates: April 7 - June 9
Days: Sundays
Times: 2:00pm-3:00pm
Ages: 14U-18U
Location: Starters, Edina
Cost: $150

Nick Pinkelman

Strength Director

Phone: 763-350-2433