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Speed Programs

2024 Summer Speed Program

Every step has a stride length and stride frequency.  These are the by products of putting force into the ground and a quick recovery for your next step.  The Speed Camp is made up of specifically designed exercise to enhance each athlete’s stride length and stride frequency.  Once we build this foundation, we add in reactionary drills to make sure these enhancements stick in any setting.

If you are going to get maximal results with anything you need repetitions and knowledge.  That is exactly what this program does.  You’ll be running 30 and 60 yards dash every week in order to groove the transition from an acceleration phase to the top end speed phase in order to get the direct repetitions you need.  The camp will give them you the mindset you need to have for a 10, 30 and 60 yard sprint (difference between acceleration and top end speed).

The 8 week program is set into 3 Phases. 

Phase 1 is to teach and give you drills of proper mechanics to help increase your stride length, stride frequency, and limit your excess (side to side) movement when running.

Phase 2 will give you a greater motor potential (bigger engine/ more force) for both acceleration and top end speed.

Phase 3 enhances your ability to perform in the upcoming showcases.  Every part of the program is about getting you to perform at your absolute best for these showcases.  The drills are designed to make you get that bouncy/spring feeling while running when it counts.

Starters, Burnsville

Dates: June 17-August 14
Day: Monday & Wednesday 
Ages: 12U-18U
Location: Starters, Burnsville
Cost: $300

Starters, Edina

Dates: June 18-August 15
Day: Tuesday & Thursday
Ages: 12U-18U
Location: Starters, Burnsville
Cost: $300

2024 Spring Speed ProgramĀ 

Speed is a separator. It is clocked, watched and evaluated. Almost every showcase has a timed 60-yard sprint. To help our athletes improve speed and prep for the spring and summer seasons, Starters has designed an 6 week, intensive camp focused on all aspects of speed development including dynamic starts, acceleration, deceleration, power, maximizing ground force resistance and much more. BE READY TO SHOWCASE!

Three Phase Program including weight room with indoor speed training (2 to 3 days per week) and 1 outdoor field day:

  • Teaching proper acceleration, top-end speed, and deceleration mechanics
  • Introducing speed specific exercises to enhance acceleration, top end speed and deceleration output
  • Demonstration of mobility and recovery methods to be used for speed enhancement

Dates: April 28 - June 2
Days: Sundays
4:00pm-5:00pm - 10U-13U
5:00pm-6:00pm - 14U-18U
Location: Starters, Edina
Cost: $100

Nick Pinkelman

Strength Director

Phone: 763-350-2433